You have probably thought about coming to your car and seeing that it has been broken into. Thieves are targeting your expensive navigation, airbags or other valuables for them. Unfortunately, such a burglary cannot be prevented and when you discover it, the bird has long since fled.

You can, however, a few seconds after the break-in a signal on your mobile phone. This happens silently and without the thieves noticing. No matter where you are, near your car or miles away, you can immediately notify the police or have a look yourself. With the free functionality of Google 'Find my device' you can track the car (the device) in case of theft.


Daarnaast wordt u ook gewaarschuwd als er iemand tegen uw auto aanrijdt bij bv het in- of uit parkeren. Het door criminelen openen van de auto met het versterken van het signaal van uw keyless-entry sleutel waarbij het originele auto alarm wordt uitgeschakeld schakelt dit systeem NIET uit, bij betreden van de auto treedt het systeem onverminderd in werking en ontvangt u het signaal op uw hoofd-toestel. Het is ook heel handig als u bijvoorbeeld in een flat woont of als uw auto niet in uw directe omgeving geparkeerd staat waardoor u het originele alarm niet zou horen als het onverhoopt zou afgaan. Het systeem werkt met de accelerometer in een mobiel toestel, wat reageert op trillingen. Het is ook te gebruiken in laadruimtes, containers, boten, motoren, (brom)fietsen en/of scooters.

NEW: Multifunctional, up to 5 alarm locations in one app !!

Connect up to 5 client devices and monitor 5 objects such as a car, motorcycle, scooter, van, but also your home, shed, garage or caravan / holiday home. You give each object an easily recognizable name, which is also easy to change. The notifications arrive at the main unit with that specified name. Easy to operate from the main unit.
Fully automatic switchable with 'Device-nearby‘.

Per alarm dialer, up to 5 arbitrary devices send an alarm SMS in the event of an alarm.

You can go to per alarm dialer 5 random numbers defined by you have a text message sent. This allows others to respond to an alarm if you are unable to do so yourself due to circumstances.

The settings per alarm dialer:
- up to 5 different numbers
- in the SMS includes the current location of the alarm dialer at the time of reporting.

It depends on a number of factors:

  • You have a second (older) Android device with an accelerometer and Android version 4.1.2 or higher, which you no longer use. It stays in the car (in a hidden place),
  • In that device you have a different SIM card as your main device, but with the same Google account,
  • This SIM card contains a data plan or a stock bundle with some data,
  • Your main device also has an Android operating system version 4.1.2 or higher.
  • You can easily do the installation on both devices yourself with the help of the clear documentation.
  • All support and support by email.

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