Options and possibilities

Here is an explanation and instructions for use of the additional uses of the system.

First of all, it is now possible to connect up to 5 client devices. Guard 5 objects such as a car, motorcycle, scooter, van, but also your home, shed, garage or caravan / holiday home. You give each object an easily recognizable name, which is also easy to change. The notifications arrive at the main unit with that specified name.

The linked devices (apps) can be seen in the list that appears when tapping 'Devices' from the menu (three vertical stripes at the top left).
Each device (app) can be consulted separately, you can set it as an active app on the main device by tapping the name briefly.
Hold the name for a moment to get the available data from an app. This may take a while because it depends on the response speed of the client device. A new screen appears with the information and switching options of the chosen client app. The buttons are self-explanatory, except that the 'Deactivate' means that the app is deactivated on the client device and that activation is only possible from the same list on the main device, not from the client device. Switching on and off is done from the main unit as well as from the client unit.
Delete removes the device from the list, not from AutoRemote. The app on the client device is set to 'inactive' and the name no longer appears in the list of devices on the Main unit. This allows you to add another device.

Adding a device is described in detail on the installation page under 'Step 1'.

This button actually serves more as an information item, it represents the percentage of the battery of the client phone. The data is automatically refreshed every hour. Tapping this button will also update the info in real time. If the percentage falls below 35%, you will receive an audible notification on your main device and the info will be displayed in red. If the client device is connected to the charger, you will see this by the charging symbol in the battery symbol.

Siren on client:
This option allows you to play a loud siren on the client device. Tap on the button and select the number of seconds that the sound must be audible. After selecting, the action starts immediately, the main unit is displayed counted down until the notification has stopped. The loud sound that is played at full volume will certainly be disturbing.

Bluetooth connection:
This option ensures that switching the alarm on and off is fully automatic. This means you no longer have to worry about it. Make sure that the connection is on by tapping the button briefly. Tap for a long time this button and select the name from your car's bluetooth system. As soon as you get in and the connection with your bluetooth system is established, the alarm will switch off immediately. An adjustable boarding time ensures that you have enough time to switch on the ignition and make the connection. If you get out and the bluetooth connection with the main unit is lost, the app will wait the set number of seconds before the alarm is turned on. You can set the entry and exit delay by pressing the top button (Alarm On-Off) just hold on to what this screen appears. You can select the seconds up to 60 seconds. This only works if the bluetooth connection is on. With an active connection with the bluetooth system, you can no longer switch the alarm on or off with the top On - Off button.
In the event of an alarm, the delay is first counted down. This becomes clear by means of a small sound signal per second on the main unit, this sound signal can be switched off in the sound settings by tapping the first button for a long time and bluetooth connections uncheck it. When connected, a detected alarm message is aborted because the alarm switches off.

Call function with client terminal:
You are giving from the main unit an exercise on the second telephone, which will immediately call you from that telephone. Then immediately accept the call. Listen to the ambient sound, hear what is being said. Your number has already been saved when installing the app, but you can still change it here. Long tap the call button to change the number. During the call, set the speaker on or from on the second device so you can make yourself heard or leave the speaker switch on automatically.

We were recently informed by an enthusiastic customer of the following:

“What if someone just took my car to get a message? Then the alarm keeps going off on my device! ”

There is one for that “Device-nearby” option in the client app:

    • Make sure that both the client device and the device of the person who wants to use your car for a while have the bluetooth turned on and that the devices are paired together in bluetooth so that it appears in the list of paired devices. The link does not have to be active.
    • Enable the option in the client app and tick the relevant trusted device (s) in the list of the client app. Multiple devices possible (up to 8). This can be done remotely from the main unit in the options of the connected units.
    • Now if someone with a paired and trusted device comes near the client device, the alarm will temporarily silence and silently silence within one minute.
    • If the paired device is out of range of the client device again, the alarm will turn on again within two minutes if it was on before the temporary shutdown.

This option is also very useful when there is a client device somewhere in your (holiday) home as an alarm dialer. If someone enters the room with a trusted (ie paired, can also be the main set) device, the alarm on the nearby client device switches off automatically and unnoticed and on again when leaving.