Simple and fast mobile alarm

Do you need a simple alarm quickly and easily?

Then download our simple version of the mobile alarm.
You only install this version on the device that remains in the car (or the area to be protected) and you will be notified by SMS on your main device.

The only thing you have to set is the number of the device to which the text messages should be sent and the number of text messages to be received per session. The text messages can be sent to any (mobile) number. After switching off, the counter returns to 0. Can be used on a maximum of 5 devices and manually on and off. The entry and exit delay is set at 20 seconds.

Second android (5.01 and higher) device with a SIM card and some SMS stock. The device that receives the text messages can also be an iOS (iPhone) device, as long as the Quick Auto Alarm app is installed on an Android device.
Costs 4.95 including VAT.

After registration you will immediately receive an email with the activation code. Simply activate once.

The most simple, cheapest and effective (car) alarm !! Applicable everywhere.

Register and pay for this version: