The system serves to support the security of objects such as passenger cars, delivery vans, commercial vehicles and trucks, motorcycles, scooters, boats, closed trailers, in short, almost everything you need to lock or lock. But it can also be used in loading areas and containers and even in your (holiday) home. It gives you the peace of mind and the confidence that if something happens to the object, you will receive a signal on your mobile headset, so that you can respond appropriately. If the second device is somewhere visible in your home, it is a certain prey for a criminal. When he picks up the device, the movement is stopped and reported to the main device without noticing it. This does not only concern burglary, but also, for example, the touching of your car by others when entering or leaving a parking space is detected and passed on by the system.
Does your car have keyless entry? Criminals are able to trace the signal of your key from your home and pass it on with advanced equipment to an accomplice who knows how to unlock your car with that signal he has received. Because your car recognizes the signal as trusted, not only is the vehicle unlocked, but any alarm system that may be present is also switched off. Your vehicle responds precisely or that someone with the key is nearby. However, if our system (second device) is in the vehicle (hidden), it will remain active and will detect the vibrations and movements, immediately alerting you by your main device. The person in your vehicle will not notice this. You can immediately call in the police, so there is a good chance that the criminals will be arrested in the act and you may be able to recover the damage caused.

How does it work?

You have an older android device, which you no longer use. Install our Client app on this device. Install our Main app on the device you use every day and carry with you. See the installation page for the details.
The device with the Client app is hiding somewhere in your car (object to be monitored). After installation, the app is 'standby' by default. An internet connection is required, so insert a free SIM card with a data bundle. Usage is between 50 and 150 Mb per month. You can optionally connect a power source that works on the ignition, so that the device is charged while you are driving. This keeps the device sufficiently charged.

The Apps

Second device:
After installation and successful authorization the app 'standby' and in principle no longer needs to be opened. If necessary, the app is to open to enable or disable, reset or update the app.

Main unit:
The standard complete version including all options:

  • The top red / green button is for switching the alarm on and off.
  • This button top left is for controlling the sound, vibration and optical signals. The enabled elements are indicated. To do this, tap briefly.
  • Tap 'Sound Settings' in the menu this screen, adjust the settings to your liking.
  • The button at the top right primarily serves to stop and interrupt alarms. To do this, tap briefly. If you press this button a little longer, will appear this screen. The explanation speaks for itself.
  • In the menu you will also find 'Switch off'. Tap on it and it will appear this screen. Here you can disable the app on the main unit. If it is turned off and you tap it again, the screen will ask if you want to turn it on.
  • Tap 'Devices' in the menu. If you have connected multiple devices, select a device and when you tap it, that device will be set as the active device in the app. Hold the name for a moment options. Here you can, among other things, adjust the sensitivity of the sensor in the client device. Try shaking or tapping the client device to find the best setting for you. The other options on that screen are self-explanatory. The bottom two options refer to 'device-nearby‘.

Look here for the explanation and possibilities of the apps.